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journal cognitive education iacepSince the development of the first dynamic assessment battery in 1979, extensive research has been carried out, and dynamic assessment is today an established international paradigm for psychological testing. Below you will find selected articles - both older introductory / explanatory articles and newer descriptions of the research and empirical status of dynamic assessment. Note that all the articles are external links that open in a new tab.

da litteratur

Comprehensive dynamic assessment bibliography


The current Status of the Theory of Structural Cognitive Modifiability

Intelligence defined as the ability to learn, discussed in a dynamic perspective


The need for a more dynamic and ecological assessment...

The Predictive Validity of Dynamic Assessment - A review

Dynamisk assessment som interventionsværktøj


A Selective Synthesis of the Experimental Literature on Dynamic Assessment

Teach-to-Test Instruction to Dynamic Assessment: A Critical Overview

The current state and development of the learning propensity assessment device

A review scrutinising the validity of DA


The Cognitive Abilities Profile

Neuroplasticity and Cognitive Modifiability


Structural Cognitive Modifiability and Neural Plasticity: Confronting the Possibilities


Reliability, Validity and educational use of the Cognitive Abilities Profile

CAP thesis


Dynamic Assessment In Practice


The dynamic Assessment of Cognitive Modifiability