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If we wish to determine how far the child’s knowledgebase deviates from the norm,we will continue to administer a psychometric measure. If we wish to determine the content of a child’s specific knowledgebase with in a specific domain, we will administer a curriculumbased or criterion referenced test. If we wish to derive hypotheses about how the child learns, howresponsive the child is to attempts to intervene, and what seems to be interfering with the child’s ability to profit from existing attempts at instruction, we will use dynamic assessment

Carol Lidz

Standardised testing shows the childs past learning - dynamic assessment shows the childs future learning

Ruth Deutsch

Welcome to this webpage conveying information about Dynamic Assessessment (DA) and Mediated Learning Experience (MLE). You will find general information about approaches and programs as well as research links and articles You can also find information about international courses and workshops that we offer in the future. Feel free to contact us if you want to sign up for courses or for questions.