Previous CAP participants say:

"I have got a new tool that I can use in my daily work as educational consultant. It will enrich my consultative practice."


"It supports my favorite workflow - consultation and customerized rather than standardized assessment - and I am pleased, together with colleagues, to promote this way of working in our department."


"A course that gives you a framework for understanding and organizing all that you have previously learned about cognitive functions and learning."


"A really exciting course that gives a great overview"


"The CAP opens some new options for describing and intervening at some levels that have previously been less clear."


"I definitely think CAP could be a valuable supplement to the neuropsychological study. Thinking especially that it will be useful as a tool in the supervision proces. CAP contributes with a systematic approach in the information collection."


- A tool for cognitive profiling, intervention planning and follow-up review for psychologists, educational consultants, special teachers and counselors, etc.


For the fourth time in Denmark, this course is offered in Denmark. The course is organized by Teacher is one of the leading international instructors in dynamic assessment, child psychologist Ruth Deutsch, who has also developed the CAP.

Practical information
The course is set to run in Spring 2020, but exact dates have not been fixed yet

Course hours first day: 9.30am - 4.30pm.
Course hours second day 9am - to 4pm.
It is possible to have a light breakfast every day half an hour before the course starts.
Detailed schedule will be sent to participants prior to course.

(Note the later earlier course in Dynamic Assessment, which can be taken independently or in connection with this course. A discount will be given for participation who attend both courses).

Course venue

The course venue is in Denmark easily accesible from abroad in convinient and short distance from public transport to airport. The specific location has not been determined yet.

Course format
The course is an external course (accommodation not included). The course is conducted as an alternation between presentation, video analysis, exercises and discussion. The course involves reading a number of submitted articles and written material prior to the course.

Please note: The course is held in English by a teacher with many years of international teaching experience. Selected parts of the course material will be translated into Danish (as well as supplied in English), but the ability to acquire English language literature is necessary.

Course price is 3900 DKK (Danish currency) and includes:
• Teaching and extensive teaching materials (course binder)
• The necessary CAP registration and profile sheets needed for the course
• Breakfast, lunch, tea and coffee during the day

A discount of 1'000 DKK (Danish currency) is awarded to participants who also participate in the course in Dynamic Assessment.

The course price does not include accommodation or CAP material and user manual. The CAP manual can be ordered from England at an approximate cost of 3´000 DK (including English VAT). It is recommended that course participants acquire the material prior to the course. Alternatively, it can be ordered at the same time as you sign up for the course. It will then be ready for you at the beginning of the course.

Purpose and outcome of the course

CAP registreringsskemaThe CAP course will enable you to:
• Understand the underlying theoretical basis for the CAP and the purpose of using the CAP
• Use the CAP registration forms, profile schedules and manual efficiently and apply the digital tools for graphical profile preparation
• Use the CAP to plan interventions and evaluate progress

More generally, the use of the material will allow you to strengthen your general skills and basis for systematic and qualified information gathering, summarizing and analyzing data, setting out key challenges and strengths, identifying next relevant learning steps, setting specific goals and intervention plans and monitor development and intervention processes.

At the end of the course you will be able to:
• Use the CAP to help teachers, parents and others understand the needs of the child / young person
• Set up and formulate recommendations that can form the basis for interventions
• Use the CAP Profile to systematically assess and support progress

Prerequisites and participant eligibility
The course is relevant to a number of professionals, including psychologists, consultants, therapists, trainers and coordinators, special teachers, occupational therapists and others.

CAP1Registration and further information
Write to course organizer:, psychologist Jens Wilbrandt, mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Or call phone +45 22 32 44 01 if you want to ask or discuss anything.

After course registration, an invoice will be sent for payment. Please note, that you are only sure of course admission when you receive a confirmation of payment. In case of cancellation of the course, due to few participants, teacher illness etc. the full course fee will be repayed.

Course content
The course is aimed at qualifying professionals for the comprehensive use of CAP. You will be taught how CAP can be used as a tool for in-depth individual assessment, and be presented with how CAP can be used as a systematic consultative tool as well as tool for structured observation. You will gain thorough knowledge of the different parts of the CAP so that you can use parts or entire CAP material in your practice.

Course organizer and teacher
da webside5 ruthTeacher throughout the course
Ruth M Deutsch is teacher during the entire course. Ruth is an educational and child Psychologist who was trained in the USA, Canada and Israel. She studied with leading DA practioners and developers Reuven Feuerstein, Haywood and Lidz in Dynamic Assessment and Cognitive Educational programmes. She is an internationally accredited and leading UK trainer with more than 30 years of experience working with children and adolescents, families and schools. She is visiting lecturer on the Doctorate for Educational Psychologists at UEL, London and Queen’s University, Belfast, Consultant Educational Psychologist to the Hope Centre in London, a multi -professional Special Educational Needs centre. She has been teaching at the Feuerstein Institute (ICELP) in both DA and the cognitive training system Instrumental Enrichment and is qualified as instructor in Tzuriels DAYC (Dynamic Assessment of Younger Children). Togehter with Michelle Mohammed she has developed the Cognitive Abilities Profile (2010).

da webside6 jensCourse organizer and provider
The course is provided and organized by, psychologist Jens Wilbrandt. Jens Wilbrandt has many years of experience in the special education field and is qualified in both LPAD, DAYC, IE and CAP. He is an exponent of a development-oriented educational psychological approach and has many years of experience as a facilitator, lecturer and course teacher in the neuropsychological, and educational psychological field. In addition to carrying out a wide range of continued professional development tasks, he works with dynamic assessment, cognitive training and counseling in relation to children and adolescents with extensive learning and development issues, both in relation to school, home and home care.